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A Power-packed Tool To Upscale Your Fashion.

From your working space, you can now organize your customer’s clothing
details, document your orders, place a reminder & set a working timeline, create
a customized invoice & receipt and manage your fabrics catalog.

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A stitch in
time saves nine

We are familiar with the hassles of a fashion designer ranging from late hour measurements, fabrics mix-ups, and even styles mix-up. With the Human Cognition feature of StitchVine, you can now process all your fashion and customers' requirements at a go.


Your catalogue
as a professional portfolio

It is a known fact that every customer wants to see your previous works and current trends you've worked on before they can start any order. With StitchVine, you can now have a professional portfolio of all your fabrics and your business information in one place. You can share the link with as many customers as you desire.

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Your fashion and
customer’s details are 💯 safe

The StitchVine App does not compromise any of our client's data. Privacy is our watchword, as boldly highlighted in the legal section of our Privacy Policy. All Data such as customer’s measurements, contact details, fabrics, portfolios, order dates, and delivery information are directly saved to the cloud and thus can be access only by authorized users anytime, anywhere.


Data transfer and

Your customer information previously stored elsewhere can easily be imported into stitchvine, and if there is a need for the information saved on stitchvine you can easily request a copy that would immediately get sent to your mail.

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By Designers,
For Designers

Stitchvine community provides you with relevant information about fashion events, tips, trends, and also guides fashion designers, fashion consultants and fashion enthusiasts like yourself to tap into the expertise of others in the field. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StitchVine?

Stitchvine is a company providing technology for fashion business owners to manage and upscale their businesses.

How do I register?

You can download the Stitchvine app on Google PlayStore to create a free account

How safe is StitchVine?

The security of your account is our highest priority, all your information and files are safely stored in the cloud.

How much does it cost to use Stitchvine?

Stitchvine is free for Fashion designers.

Do you have a physical branch?

No, Stitchvine is a remote company.

Does my business have to be registered with CAC to use Stitchvine?

No, you can create an account without having a CAC number. However, you can update your account information once your business is registered.

What happens if I lose the Stitchvine app on my phone?

You can safely access your information and files once you install the back on your phone and log in to your account.

I can’t remember my login details, what do I do?

You can easily reset your password from the app.

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Download the StitchVine app to enjoy a personal and working experience of all the amazing features you need to upscale your fashion business.


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